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Why I like to work out and box“ Just ask

Well, I wanted to look good “ no that's not really true“ I wanted to look GREAT.
I know that it wasn't in a bottle or in pills at the local drug or department store. I just had to find it.
I did and this is my story.I knew that that I had to work at this body really hard and it would take work time and discipline.
I was willing to give it a try. So I hired Jenni. I starting working out; not just floor exercises, but with weights, exercise balls, jump ropes and all.
Most of all I had to learn to eat properly. If you dont eat I wont train you; your body needs the fuel to work out.
Before working out, she would ask what I ate and if it was not enough, she would instruct me what to have “ eat it right then and there (i.e. peanut butter, banana, nuts)
Ok I will tell you the results.
I started with a dress size 8 and now I down to a loose 4. My bathing suit (the new one is now is even loose) my body fat went from 53% to 21% and my measurements are (changing daily now) my weight is 133.
This has been going on now for a year. This is my new life now and there is no turning back.
Now I wanted to try boxing. Why? Not to hit or hurt anyone, but for the balance, poise and confidence that I was lacking.
You see, I could not even walk up a flight of stairs without holding on before i started this.
Boxing is teaching me a very good lesson. How to control your emotions/anger at moments that you want to lash out but cant. It gives you the inner strength you need to be in control at all times.
This is your secret weapon and only you can release this energy (only in the boxing ring) Am I happy, more full of life and able to give someone younger than me a run for their money “ you bet!
Ray & Rosemarie
I originally went to Fighting Fitness because of a rotator - cuff injury when my Health Care Company recommended rehab at Fighting Fitness. After three months of classes and special attention by Jen my shoulder is perfect and without surgery or an arm sling. My wife and i joined in Dec. 2009 and attend classes in Pilate's, strength training and conditioning and yoga 3 times a week. Jen is the owner and class instructor and gives special attention to everyone. She is caring and well qualified. Her "forceful" inspiration has given us more strength, balance and flexibility. Jenn's positive approach equals positive results!
Lisa and her Family
I hope you are having a great fantastic Happy and Healthy New year!! One of my resolutions for my family is for us
"all to get more fit".
When I find something Great I have to tell the ones who I know could benefit.
I was just brainstorming of anyone in between the ages of 5 and up and thought of your child.  My kids would love to see more of their friends and so I thought this maybe an easy way to kill many birds with one stone.  Catch up and share a cup of coffee as they get fit, let them see each other(the easiest of playdates) and quick and fun and everyone benefits.
Fighting Fitness is a gym on the boston post road #367 in Orange, its right behind Battlezone.  The name is definately fitting since most of all of us fight being fit at one time or another.
  I have been a member of Fighting Fitness since June they have incorporated a getting kids fit, the class runs I think 50 minutes and has similiar drills like the ones we have done if you have done  Karate a lot of fun but also incorporates boxing.  They don't hit each other of course , they put the gloves on, aweseome for eye hand coordination and so much more...... My Ryan's confidence is boosted and that is something I have to say is "Priceless".
It is fun and very powerful and the guy John and the lady Jen who own the gym are awesome!  Very very good with kids.
My son's birthday party(Justin) was a boxing party here at Fighting Fitness and he says it was the bestest party ever!!!
You can try the class out for free and join that day if your child likes it.
Pass this to anyone you think maybe interested.  I love what this progam has done for Ryan and Justin and would love to see it benefit your children.
And/Or if you want come to one of the Adult classes with me for Free(offers kettlebells/boxing, infused pilates, bootcamp to the core) and see what this gym has to offer I would be glad to take you
When I first came to Fighting Fitness, I was extremely anxious,unconfident, and out of shape.
I was afraid of being judged for my unfit physique, but instead, my trainer, Jen, supported and encouraged me through every minute of our sessions.
She constantly reassured me that if I kept working, I would reach my goal of reshaping and toning my body, as well as enjoy the arduous, but fulfilling workouts that she personally created for my specific needs.
Now, after having worked with her for a few months, I've noticed flab convert into muscle, and
my self-esteem rise - exactly what I wanted!
thanks for getting me into the size 10.