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Is this site just for experienced fighters and martial artists?  
No! Fighting Fitness programs are for anyone who has an interest in exploring fighting traditions through instruction, education or participation.  

So, will I see results right away?  
Of course you can. It depends on how hard You train with a trainer, what you eat and how often. Results usually begin to appear within the first few sessions  

Do I have to change my life, diet and give up all my good sinful foods? 
No you dont, but if you dont modify them the changes will be very slow  

Can I eat at a restaurant?  
Yes, but look at the size of your entry. If it can feed a small army, ask for a doggie bag at the beginning of you meal so you can put half away for tomorrows lunch  

What benefits will I receive from these types of programs? 
The benefits of any exercise program are far reaching. However, the Fighting Fitness's boxing, kickboxing and self defense program workouts stimulate the body and the mind! With resources available such as the Fighting fitness programs, it's never been easier to join the fun!  

What is a body science work out?  
It is where We use the negative weight that you dont want against the lean Muscle mass that you want to take the place of fat.  

Do I have to take private lessons to get this way? 
It depends on the individual. That is why we offer a variety of equipment, classes, semi-private and private sessions. If everyone was the same, everyone would go to Joes gym.